Testimonials KW Acupuncture

Reviews from R.Ac. Wang’s clients:

Andy J.(Elora)
Hi Dr. Wang,
I don’t understand how you did it, but I have no more back pain – the treatment you did was immediate. I was unable to touch my toes for 6 weeks before I came to your clinic and I’ve been pain free since (before you I tried another acupuncture place plus a massage therapist. Nothing worked).
I have since recommended you to several work colleagues and my friend (a professor at the university of Waterloo).
I would also like my wife to see you for her arthritis (in her hands). She’s an artist which makes it difficult for her. But we live in Elora which makes it difficult to get to your clinic
It’s not good for repeat business, but you will get many recommendations!

Joey L.(UW)

I suffered from serious pain in pelvis and I was diagnosed as inflammation in hospital. I took antibiotic pills for weeks but it does not help much. Then I decide to try traditional Chinese treatment and I find Dr. Wang on the Internet. To my surprise, it works so well that right after the first treatment the pain is alleviated a lot. Then I received another three treatment from Dr. Wang which makes the pa. I can’t believe her treatment is so obvious and helpful. I highly recommend her to everyone.

Jennifer P (Kitchener)

Dr. Wong has changed my life. She has treated me for acute digestive issues, symptomatic of IBS, and continues to treat me as we progress into the stabilization and maintenance phase of acupuncture for this issue under her care. Dr. Wong is professional, she listens, and she cares deeply about helping her patients. She is a pleasure to work with and a true expert at her craft. I would recommend her to anyone who has any concerns with their health or is just looking to improve and balance their energy through Traditional Chinese Medicine. After 8 years of suffering, and more progressive symptoms in the last 6 months, Dr. Wong has completely turned my body around. I sleep like a baby at night after my acupuncture treatments, I no longer struggle with severe constipation, the bloating in my abdomen is reduced significantly, and I have more energy and vitality than ever before. If I have a headache or migraine when going to see Dr. Wong, all I have to do is let her know and she makes it go away by the end of the treatment.

Richard S. MASc Candidate – Civil Engineering (University of Waterloo)

I was diagnosed with irritable bowl syndrome (IBS) and told by a gastroenterologist that there was nothing that could be done. I had been toughing it out for years but it got to the point where the pain and discomfort in my gut was getting unbearable. Through a friend I heard about traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) and found a practitioner. Initially I was skeptical, my first TCM specialist wasn’t helpful. Dr. Wang was the second TCM doctor I tried and I started getting results after two treatments. Any pain I had from my IBS is now gone and my digestive system is functioning much better than it has in years.
After trying all possible mainstream treatments for my condition it was Dr. Wang who got results and allowed my body to work as it should. She also helped my allergies, cope with my stress levels, and corrected a problem with my lungs that was holding me back in soccer and basketball, but that’s for another testimonial.

Janina Struewing, General Manager GoodLife Fitness Clubs

I cannot believe how quickly I got results with Dr. Wang. I have suffered from chronic sleep disorder for over 20 years, visited 2 sleep clinics, paid a lot of money towards the several kinds of therapies. But only 10 visits with Dr.Wang I now sleep like a baby. Wow, how fantastic is that. I sleep 6-8 hours nightly and feel like a new woman. She also helps me a lot with my neck shoulders pain. She is a miracle worker. I strongly recommend her to everyone.

Meegan B.:

After turning 40 I began to experience the following peri-menopausal signs; insomnia, itchy skin, dryness, hot flashes, mood swings and erratic, painful periods. When I turned to traditional medicine, I was told I was too young to be starting menopause. I was frustrated, unhappy and didn’t know what to do. A friend mentioned I should call Dr. Wang and try acupuncture. I have since gone for many treatments and continue to be amazed at the difference it has made in my life. I feel like a new woman. I have also used acupuncture to alleviate chronic pain in my hip from bursitis, to treat headaches, and to lose weight. I highly recommend Dr. Wang. She is an extremely kind, patient, and caring individual who treats you with respect. She also takes the time to really listen to what you have to say.

Vicky K:

I was suffering from severe menopausal symptoms, especially severe hot flashes. After my first 2 treatments I had a lot of relief. After 10 treatments my symptoms were gone. I returned to Dr. Wang several months later as I was suffering from sciatic pain. The pain lessened after only 2 treatments and was gone after 10 treatments. I now use Dr. Wang as part of my health care regimen.

Sarah Musselman, Aesthetician:

My thank you to Dr. Wang:

After years of hot flashes, no energy, low motivation and much weight gain, not to mention the bloating every time I put anything into my mouth, with only one acupuncture treatment, I was already feeling the difference, I am sleeping better and waking with energy to start my day, I am motivated to want to be busy and no longer need an afternoon nap. Thank you Dr. Wang for totally changing my health, my spirit and my entire life. I love you more than you can ever know. Respectfully

B. Shantz:

For over 15 years I have had to deal with health issues such as high blood pressure, type II diabetes and being over weight. Needless to say I have been taking numerous prescription drugs to combat my health issues. A few months ago I was given the name of Dr. Zhihong Wang, what a godsend that has been!! My blood pressure has improved to the point that I have been able to eliminate two of my prescriptions, my blood sugar is under control, and last but not least, I have lost weight. At the first 10 sessions I lost 12 pounds. Altogether I have lost 23 pounds. I would highly recommend Dr. Wang.

D.M.R., Medical Doctor:

I found the acupuncture treatment very helpful for my back and neck pain.

A patient in awe:

When I fell into clinical depression, I never imagined it would take such a toll on my mind and body. For so long, neither was capable or ready to move out of the deep, dark abyss. My treatment included medication, talk therapy and recommended activity and exercise. I felt no progress as it was either my mind and/or my body which always held little or no motivation or focus. I did not know how inter-connected mind and body were until I started to see Dr. Wang. Slowly, and later, quickly, my energy and motivation returned. Each treatment led to a much missed relaxed state, and more importantly, a balance within my body that enabled me to take on physical endeavours. When my body began to feel better, then my mind quickly followed. There is no doubt that my recovery was accelerated greatly by Dr. Wang. Her treatments do not address single concerns. Her education, training, ethics and professionalism drive her to help you as quickly as possible, no matter the number of ailments. For me, life is better than ever. Dr. Wang holds a special place in my thoughts and heart. When compared with her contribution to my life, this testimonial is wholly inadequate.

Barbara Doi:

I just want to complement Dr Wang on some issues that I had and was Quickly and Pleasantly Resolved. I started to see Dr Wang last year for my heartburn. At that time I had very terrible heartburn 24 hours everyday. Although I was on a lot of medication, they did not help. I was also trying to conceive as well. So when I explained my symptoms to Dr Wang, she immediately knew what to do. I came in for a few visits with acupuncture treatments and my symptom of heartburn was totally gone. I was so happy and felt so much better. My body is completely relaxed and all of a sudden I have conceived. (After 8 years of fertility problem). I would like to take the opportunity to thank Dr Wang for all the help that was given.


8 thoughts on “Testimonials KW Acupuncture

    DATE: DEC 1ST, 2015

    I did my research with Acupuncture but to find a good registered acupuncturist is difficult. I’ve seen Registered acupuncturist from Waterloo as well prior to Dr.Wang for one session but was disappointed as the session was very short, and she’s all about the making money.

    So, I continued to search, and landed on Dr. Wang’s site. I relied on the testimonies I’ve seen and give Dr. Wang a go. I am very grateful for her as aside from getting the result I need, I met a friend as well.

    I started seeing Dr.Wang on Dec 2013 after panic attack I’ve experienced when I had my miscarriage in Nov. I sent her an email and despite of her busy schedule, she find ways to accommodate me (even to skip her lunch and come very early in the morning) and give me the treatment I need. I provided the details of how bad my panic attack and anxiety was. She started working on the treatment for the balance needed in my body. After 5 sessions, I felt things were getting better, as I continue to do it for few more months, my body get back to normal.

    When I was ready to try for another pregnancy, Dr. Wang provided again the great support needed for me through acupuncture. I get pregnant right away. I had morning sickness, nausea, irritability, relaxation,bloated, leg cramps and mood swings. I prefer natural support instead of taking any medicine. Acupuncture helped me to deal with all these common pregnancy symptoms and allowed me to sleep well at night.I believe that when mom is healthy, and the body is in good and more relax state, it helps the baby as well, so, my entire family wasn’t surprised to see when our healthy baby was born.

    Also, when my baby was a month old, we see Dr Wang to deal with so much gas and mucous.
    One session, with only 2 needles, she does feel much better. Like any others, we were concerned if would it be okay for the baby to have acupuncture? well, we did our research and because we trust Dr Wang, she’s been doing it for decades, we give it a go, and we had a great result. Less gas and mucous after that.

    Dr. Wang does not only do the treatment needed, she’s always been a great support emotionally as well. She cares for her customers.If any member of my family now isn’t feeling well, we always go to Dr. Wang first and do preventative treatment instead of running to medicine or going to Medical Doctors right away. I also come and see her once or twice a month acupuncture treatment to de-stress or just for relaxation.

    Going for acupuncture + Right Registered Acupuncturist (Dr. Wang) gives us a healthier life.

    You don’t just look for “Registered acupuncturist”, you look for “Registered acupuncturist with great personality and cares for her customers WITH decades of experience”

    In my experience, Dr. Wang has this qualification and the moment you step in her clinic, you’ll hear that from the customers. My entire family are happy clients of Dr. Wang.

    Thanks Dr. Wang!


  2. Dr. Wang has an amazing talent. I went to see her on my third day of suffering from a migraine and she cured it in 10 seconds. 2months later, still no headaches. We are now on to treating ailments i didnt even know could be cured… Allergies and that constant bloating feeling. I feel like i have a new body! Highly recommend her.


  3. Dr. Wang is the best! Initially I went to her with a sinus infection, and after one treatment my sinuses had cleared, and a few days after, I was 100% better! I continue to see her with other medical issues I have had for many years, the main one being insomnia. It’s been an incredible transformation after only two more treatments…I am sleeping solid for more than 7 hours a night, I feel rested and have more energy and focus than I have had in years. I am so happy with Dr. Wang and the progress I’ve seen thus far. Highly recommended!


  4. Dr. Zhihong Wang saved my life! My gratitude and admire to her can not be expressed by words. I just want to say I am so fortunate to be Dr. Wang’s patient. I would like to share my experience with Dr. Wang to anyone who knows or not about Chinese Acupuncture.

    My name is Xiaohui, I suffered arthritis for more than 4 years. After I gave birth to my daughter 3years ago, my arthritis became worse and worse. My entire healthy condition also became worse than before. Besides arthritis, I suffered stomach pain (including reflux, burn), neck and shoulder pain. God knows how many times I went to clinics or to my family doctor but all ended up with different medications that did not help a lot but instead made my stomach pain even worse. What is worse, I felt depressed, frustrated, stressful, anxiety, trouble sleeping, severe angry. As a Chinese people, I know Chinese acupuncture is amazing although I never tried before. I started to seek for help from Chinese Acupuncture 2 years ago, honestly, the treatments did not help that much, I realized although Chinese acupuncture is amazing, it is difficult to find a good acupuncturist with good techniques. I was disappointed and hopeless. There were moments when I had trouble to fall asleep, I thought my life was so bad and I can not face it anymore. I felt so bad and guilty with no reason, just too desperate……

    When I met Dr. Wang, I felt I trust her so much, she looks so different with other acupuncturists I met before. She was so patient to listen to my painful experience. After a couple of treatment, my anxiety and anger gone, I felt so excited and happy! After two more treatment my neck and shoulder pain, stomach pain all gone.Besides, my knees are so much better than before–I could not climb stairs for about a year before because of knee pain. But now, I can totally climb stairs, jump and run although there is still a little bit pain, I am satisfied enough! What is more important, I feel happy and confident now, I love my life so much! I now use Dr. Wang as part of health care regimen for me and my family.

    PS: My husband had disc problem, he could not bend his lower back at all for a week last year, even pain killer did not help that much. After only one treatment, he could bend down his waist with no pain! My husband said, “This is so amazing!”


  5. Testimonial for Dr. Wang,
    For 20 years, I have tried a variety of options for pain in the scapular area. After 3 treatments of Chinese acupuncture by Dr. Wong, I have no pain in that area. She also treated at the same appointment, pain in my fingers, which I believe was arthritis, and it is gone too. Dr. Wang is very caring and gives each patient personal attention. She is very passionate about her profession and is always keeping updated. I will continue to seek her help where needed.
    Jean E. Balahura


  6. I am so happy I am seeing Dr Wang. I have had neck and shoulder issues for over 20 years. I injured my neck a couple of months ago which triggered a case of vertigo. With the injury came sharp pain, headaches and the ongoing vertigo, and long term I have had chronic aching. I have been told to try acupuncture by several people, but I have a fear of needles so I have never went. I was at the end of my rope after this injury, so I decided to try it. I have a friend who highly recommended Dr Wang. After one treatment of seeing Dr Wang I felt relief. And though I went to her for my neck, while in my patient interview Dr Wang found out I also have IBS and trouble sleeping. She took the time to listen and treated me for all three issues. I am still seeing her as my issues have been a problem for me for so long, but I am consistently improving. I am so happy with the results. Dr Wang truly cares about her patients and wants results for you as much as you want the results for yourself.


  7. This is my second time that I want to leave a message here to exoress my gratitude to Dr. Wang. She helped me with Hemorrhoids and shoulder pain last week. After I give birth to my second child, I had hemmorrhoids which was very bad, I tried ointment prescribed by my family doctor which did not help a lot. Dr. Wang made it only by one needle in 1 minute, that is miracle! My shoulder pain was also gone after one session. After give birth to my child I had viginal bleeding for more than 8 weeks which was not normal, it was all gone after one session I saw Dr. Wang……
    I am an old patient of Dr. Wang, I totally knew how excellent she is, I just can not help writing this message today to say thank you again.


  8. Dr Wang has improved my health greatly over the last two years. I had fallen and hurt my right arm and used a chiropractor for a few years. When that method no longer worked,
    I went to Dr. Wang. My arm no longer aches. My overall health is much improved. I visit her monthly for maintenance. I am so thankful to know her.


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